Volkswagen Recall Department

If you were just notified that your Volkswagen model has a safety recall service that needs to be completed, it must be completed by a Volkswagen authorized dealership like ours.


Volkswagen of West Islip Recall Department

Sometimes as a Volkswagen owner, you may get a notification that your model has a recall and needs to come into the shop to be serviced. This is not something that independent shops can do, but must be managed by your local certified Volkswagen dealer in West Islip.

What Are Volkswagen Model Recalls?

Unfortunately, there are some cases where parts used by Volkswagen for certain model vehicles did not work the way that it was intended, and it needs to be corrected. While some of these recalls are minor in their impact on your Volkswagen, others could have fatal consequences if they are not repaired.

Volkswagen Recall Department
Certified Recall Service

Getting Volkswagen Recall Information

If you are looking for information on Volkswagen recalls, you can search that information online at the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety or IIHS, with your Volkswagen VIN number and other identifying information found on our website. You can see what recalls are out for your model Volkswagen, its severity, and when you should schedule this service. If you have not received any notification in the mail lately, you can still go in and check, just so you are aware, and maybe missed the notification.

If you have recently purchased a Volkswagen and want to check and see if there are any outstanding recalls, this information can tell you what exists for that model. A quick call to the service center can tell you if that recall was fixed before you purchased it or if it is still outstanding.

Recall Department

What Happens If I Wait on My Recall?

In some cases, you are given a time frame for contacting the dealership to have the recall corrected. This is often for those recalls that are not as serious and have no safety implications for you and those you are traveling with. Larger recalls, however, require immediate contact with the dealership. If they cannot immediately service your Volkswagen due to the number of recalls, they can put your vehicle on a waitlist and call you when it is ready. If you have to part with your car for a while, they will schedule you to get a loaner or rental until they are able to get to your Volkswagen. Once you make contact, you need to confirm whether your vehicle is safe to drive to the dealership or if they need to pick it up from its current location. Many recalls are fully covered and free of charge to the customer, but waiting and missing the timeline for your recall me require the purchase of parts or charge for service.


Contact Us Today

If you have been notified through the mail that your Volkswagen has a recall, or you found the recall online, give our service department a call today for more information. Once you have confirmed whether it is safe to continue driving, schedule a service online or by phone to have the recall fixed immediately. We look forward to servicing you soon.