Volkwagen Brake Service

Volkswagen owners can trust us for certified brake service quality completed with genuine OEM parts.


Volkswagen Brake Service in West Islip, NY

Our certified technicians understand the Volkswagen braking system through extensive training and hands-on experience. We complete brake system services to factory specifications, including a complimentary multi-point inspection that supports reliable performance and more efficient long-term maintenance. We are conveniently located near North Babylon, Deer Park, Bay Shore, and Lindenhurst, so contact us today to schedule brake service at Volkswagen of West Islip.



Brake Services

  • Brake Fluid Exchange - Hydraulic brake fluid transfers stopping power from the master cylinder into calipers that push brake pads into the rotors attached to the wheels. Brake fluid requires routine maintenance because it collects water to boil into vapor and compress within the braking system. Volkswagen recommends brake fluid exchange service every 2 years regardless of miles.
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  • Brake Pad Replacement - Brake pads are a high-friction material that generates resistance to forward momentum. They wear down incrementally and require replacement service when 3mm remains on the steel backing plate. Newer Volkswagen models equipped with brake pad monitoring have a dashboard lamp that comes on when brake pads are worn.
  • Rotor Resurfacing or Replacement - Rotors have a flat steel surface where resistance is generated with brake pads. The brake rotor surface should be flat with the maximum area available to create maximum resistance. Brake rotors eventually develop wear and tear on the disc surface that requires maintenance. Rotors with minor cracking or grooving are resurfaced to restore flatness. Rotors with deeper damage or any bending cannot be resurfaced safely and must be replaced.
  • Caliper Service - The brake calipers squeeze together to push the brake pads against the brake rotors, and they will regularly need to be cleaned, lubricated, and inspected to ensure that they are providing the necessary precision.
Volkswagen Brake Service

Non-Routine Brake System Repairs

We are also fully equipped to handle any non-routine brake system repairs that are more likely with higher miles and harsh use. Visit us if you need new calipers, lines, hoses, or a master cylinder.

Schedule Brake System Service at Volkswagen of West Islip

Conveniently schedule brake service online or by phone. We recommend checking the current parts and service specials to pay less for certified Volkswagen brake service. Customers needing transportation during brake service can schedule a courtesy loaner car or transportation shuttle ride locally. Customers waiting at the dealership during service have a comfortable lounge area with free wi-fi, flat-screen, TVs, and complimentary beverages.