VW Diesel Oil Change Service


Volkswagen Diesel Engine Oil Change

Diesel engines, like gasoline engines, require regular oil changes to ensure smooth operation. If you own a vehicle with a VW TDI engine, then the technicians at Volkswagen of West Islip, NY can help with this essential service. Whether you are in West Islip or nearby North Babylon, Deer Park, Bay Shore, or Lindenhurst, we are conveniently located to meet your Volkswagen needs. Here is more about a diesel engine oil change and why your vehicle needs one.

Why Your Diesel Engine Needs Regular Oil Changes

Engine oil lubricates and removes dirt and other contaminants that could affect performance and reliability. Changing the oil at the recommended intervals removes accumulated dirt and keeps sludge from forming on your engine. Also, engine oil breaks down and loses its effectiveness as a lubricant over time. Failing to change the oil often could result in early engine wear and lead to potential heat-related issues and breakdowns.

How Diesel Oil Changes Are Done

Diesel oil changes are similar to those done on gasoline-powered vehicles. The old oil and filter are removed and replaced with fresh oil and a new filter. The main differences between the two oil change types are the type of oil and how often you should have it changed. Diesel oil generally needs to be changed less frequently than gasoline oil, depending on how you drive. If you frequently drive in stop-and-go traffic or heavy idling, then you may need more frequent oil changes than someone who does nearly all highway driving.

Differences Between Diesel and Gasoline Engine Oil

Though gasoline engine oil and diesel engine oil are similar in many ways, they have some significant differences. For one, diesel oil often has a higher viscosity than gasoline engine oil. Another key difference between the two oil types is diesel oil has more zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (ZDDP) than gasoline engine oil. Too much of this element can potentially cause damage to the catalytic converter in a gasoline-powered vehicle. Diesel vehicles have catalytic converters that can handle the extra ZDDP, so it is usually not a problem. Diesel oil also has more detergents and additives.

Reasons to Choose Volkswagen of West Islip

To keep your Volkswagen running well, it's important to use the correct oil and filter combination, especially for a VW TDI engine. When you need a Volkswagen diesel oil change in West Islip, then bring your vehicle to Volkswagen of West Islip for service. We have trained diesel technicians who are knowledgeable about your vehicle and know which products work best for your model. We recommend you have your car or truck's oil and filter changed at least every 10,000 miles for average all-around driving for best results. We will also perform a multi-point inspection and advise you of any future service needs.


Complimentary Volkswagen of West Islip Amenities

Volkswagen of West Islip is one of the region’s leading providers of VW maintenance and repair services. While your vehicle is being serviced by certified technicians, you can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, beverages, and other amenities in our customer lounge. Head over to our online scheduling page to make an appointment, or drop by at your convenience and take advantage of our Volkswagen Xpress Service.

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  • Complimentary Beverage & Coffee Bar
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