Volkswagen Transmission Service

If you're having a problem with your transmission, we have numerous transmission services to offer.


Volkswagen Transmission Services in West Islip

At Volkswagen of West Islip, we are a factory-certified service center located at 130 Sunrise Highway. Our dealership services West Islip, North Babylon, Bay Shore, Deer Park, and Lindenhurst. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality vehicle service along with unmatched convenience for all our customers. Come in for a Volkswagen service appointment, and you'll be impressed with everything our dealership has to offer. If you're having a problem with your transmission, we have numerous transmission services to offer. Your transmission is an essential component of your vehicle, so it's always best to go to a certified service center that offers genuine OEM parts for repairs.



Volkswagen Certified Transmission Service

Neglecting routine transmission maintenance can have drastic consequences. At Volkswagen of West Islip, we encourage our customers to promptly make a transmission service appointment when they notice something wrong. Signs that could indicate a transmission problem include difficulty changing gears, fluid leaks, or unusual burning odors. You might also notice that your check engine light goes on when you're having transmission troubles. The following are three key services we offer for your transmission at our service center.

  • Transmission Inspection - Getting your transmission inspected gives you added peace of mind. A transmission malfunction can cause many inconveniences, including a breakdown. Having your transmission checked gives you the peace of mind of knowing that everything is in good working order.
  • Fluid Exchange - Transmission fluid exchange service is routine maintenance that is needed, regardless of whether your vehicle has a manual or automatic transmission. If you have a manual transmission, you might need a fluid exchange service approximately once every 50,000 miles. For automatic transmissions, this service may be recommended every 60,000 miles.
  • Transmission Replacement - Your transmission can last a long time if it's well maintained. However, it won't last forever. Your transmission might need replacement after about 100,000 miles. A transmission replacement is a big job, so it's best to get this service done at a Volkswagen-certified facility.

Transmission Services at Volkswagen of West Islip

Let us be your Volkswagen service center in West Islip. When you see us for a transmission service appointment, you'll be impressed with our state-of-the-art facility. Getting your Volkswagen serviced should be inconvenient. That's why we provide all our customers with access to dealership amenities. Whether you need a waiting room during your appointment or a rental car, we've got you covered. With our online appointment scheduler, it's easy to make an appointment at Volkswagen of West Islip. We offer service hours on Saturdays for our customers who can't make it in during the week.

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